Unique Baby Shower Ideas, Tips, Gifts

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Want to prepare some cute and cheap personalized baby shower favors? Here are some ideas to help you get started.

  • Gift Baskets – Buy cheap decorative baskets, put some layers of colorful paper shreds at the bottom. Fill the basket with items like candles, soaps, creams, coffee and tea, potpourri and other items that you think will make a good baby shower favors.

  • Candles- Decorative candles tied with decorative ribbons can be a cute baby shower favor. You can accompany it with cute baby items like toys, pacifiers or small towels.

  • Favor Boxes – Decorative favor boxes come in many varieties. They can be made themed for baby showers and usually available in craft and party supply stores. You can personalize the piece by attaching a cute photo of the child if you held it after the baby was born.
Each of these items can be made personalized by attaching baby shower tags. The tags can show baby shower date and mom or the baby’s name.

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