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Baby Shower Cupcakes

If you decide to adopt a theme, as much as possible, the food should match the theme that will be used.

The food that should be served also depends on the time of the day when the shower is held. If it is at noon or dinnertime, the guests will expect that a full meal will be served. If you don't have the time to prepare a full meal, finger foods for shower in the early afternoon or evening is perfect.

Don't forget that the food that must be served should be something that the mother-to-be can be easily ingested. A separate food for mom can also be prepared if you like.

Proper planning and early preparation is the key to successful baby shower. The most simple tip is just have fun and be creative.

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If you are chosen as a host in a baby shower, you can ask the guest to e-mail you a special advice, a special poem, photos, thoughts and wishes for the new parents. You can take all these and organize them into a cute folder or have them bounded as a book. This is something that parents can keep as a keepsake for many years.

Each page can include anything they wanted to share to the mother or both parents. The page should be creative. They can use a colored paper or a plain white paper of same sizes which the hostess can choose. They can be mailed or e-mailed in advance to the hostess. It would also be a great way for those invited guests who couldn’t come to share their wishes to the mom-to-be. Although, it will take a lot of work for the hostess to compile everything, it will be one of the most special and meaningful baby shower gifts that both parents can have on that day. The gift will hold special memories and thoughts of their parenthood .

Mom and dad will also remember their closest friends and relatives who graced with the occasion. When the baby grows up, he or she would surely love reading it as well.

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You have given a task to host a baby shower for a friend, and it is your first time. You are a little nervous and don't know where to start. With a little research and creativity, you will surely have a very successful event ahead of you.

Here are a few tips you can start with.

Invitations. Make a guest list of those who should be invited. Invitations should be sent out three to four weeks in advance if the guests live nearby. For those guests living in long distance, invitations should be sent four to six weeks. You should include a clear instruction how to get to the venue.

Greet the Baby Shower Guests as they arrive. Prepare name tags for the guests and introduce the guests to one another before the baby shower party starts. Greet them as they arrive to make them feel that they are important.

Don't forget the baby shower games. Prepare the baby shower games so the guests will enjoy their time together interacting with one another. If you have a large space, it is advisable that you provide tables for them to eat their meal on the table.

Place the baby shower gifts in one place. Put the gifts in one place where the mom-to-be can have a seat and open them later at the party. List the names of the guests where the gifts came from so mom can prepare the thank you card.

Baby Shower Favors. You should have enough baby shower favors for your guests, or you can also have a little extra just to be safe. Keep the events moving at a great pace. If possible, write in a piece of paper the list of events that are planned for that day and hand it to every guest.

Thank everyone who comes. Thank everyone who come to the event and walk them to the door. Make them feel that their presence are greatly appreciated.

Being the host, it is your responsibility to make the baby shower party a success. Have it well-planned and everyone will appreciate it.

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Being chosen to host a baby shower for a friend or relative can be very rewarding. A little bit of planning is what it takes to make everything fun. When you have already decided on the baby shower theme, you can send out the baby shower invitations that are designed according to the theme you have chosen. Next thing is thinking about some baby shower games for your guests to enjoy along with the baby shower food. Of course, the first on your list should be the cake. Diaper cakes are a lot more preferred for the occasion.

As the event gets closer, think of your baby shower decorations which should also reflect the baby shower theme. Baby shower favors should also be decided and prepared in advance. If you or some of your guests are thinking of some gift ideas, there are a lot that you can choose. Having a list of baby shower stuff or supplies would be a big help to make the occasion a big success.

Good luck and may you have fun with your party planning!

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A poem or verse is a literary piece used to express one’s idea using literary techniques like rhyme and metaphor. Baby shower verses are usually short and composed of single line sayings for baby shower invitations or cakes. Most baby shower hostesses choose to have a simple and sweet baby shower invitation wording instead of long baby shower poems.

There are lots of baby shower verses you can make use of for your baby shower party. However, if you want to make it original and more creative, you can find more tips for creating original baby shower poems or verses here.


Here are also a list of some cute and short baby shower verses and wordings you can use.


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Planning to create a baby registry? Why not? Here are some tips to help you make it a success.

  • Tell Everyone About It. Specify on the invitations where you have registered whether it’s on-line or off-line.

  • List gifts to fit people with both small to large range of budget. Let’s face it. Not all our guests have large budget so it is essential that we include in our list small but essential gifts that you would like to receive.

  • Always remember that gift registry is optional. Make your gift registry a guide for your guests to give them some ideas about the gifts that you consider essential for the baby. You should still give them the right to give anything they choose.

  • Where to register. Registering in an on-line store will benefit you and your guests especially if the store offers a wide range of products to choose from. Your guests will just have to choose something that will fit in to their budget without worrying where to find it.

  • Don’t forget the Thank You card. A written thank you card should be given not only those who handed you a gift but to all who joined in and celebrated with you. It is the most important way of showing your appreciation for their time and presence during the occasion.

Follow those tips and you can’t go wrong. Also remember that baby shower is about celebration of a new life and not about gifts. For more baby shower tips and ideas including where to create a registry, visit http://www.best-shoppe.com/holding-a-baby-shower-soon-dont-forget-the-baby-shower-registry/

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