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The best time to hold a baby shower is toward the seventh month of pregnancy. It would be a very exciting celebration to see the mom-to-be with a big belly. This is also the best time to do more preparations not only for the upcoming event but also for the arrival of the new baby. Make sure that you choose a convenient time for your guests. Grandparents of both sides of the family should also be there so choose a date that will be convenient to them. Invitations should be sent to the guest of honor as early as possible once you have decided who that will be. Although baby showers are treated as women only parties, male friends and relatives of the mother are also a part of the celebration.

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To make any baby’s gift distinct and special, it is best to have it personalized. Personalized baby gifts always have a special touch to any recipient and become a cherished token all throughout the years. Some of us may face a problem when deciding on what to give, that is, being unsure of the baby’s name and age but there is always an option that you can consider. During this time, it is best to consider giving a gift certificate. This way, the parents can choose as to what gifts they need for the baby.

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