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Baby shower favors are mostly given to guests who attend the baby shower. Giving baby shower favors make the event truly more personal where expecting parents share the joy of having a new member of a family with their families and friends share. This serves as a gift or token to make the event remembered by their every guest for a long time.

Some parents find it hard to decide what to give away as a token. Baby shower is a special occasion when you need something unique to be given away as favors if you want the event to be truly remembered for the years to come.

One of the most popular items to be given for these gifts are chocolate baby shower favors. Few can resist the temptation of a delicious bar of chocolate. Perhaps it is the sweetest way to tell everyone that your little one is on its way. The wrappers are specially personalized with design and messages and with a lot of flavors to choose from, like milk chocolate, dark chocolate and white chocolate, this really is something that can’t be resists.

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If you want to buy baby gift items that will stand out from all the rest, you should consider giving something personalized. Today, you will find a lot of items that you can choose from. Unique baby gifts and baby gift baskets can all be personalized so you can add some touch of uniqueness to them. There are lots of baby shower gift items that you can choose from. These include all baby necessities, baby accessories and baby toys. Personalized baby keepsakes are those that can last a lifetime and makes a perfect baby shower gift for both parents and baby. If you are buying a baby gift, buy a gift item and personalize them. You’ll be surprised how you can add value and uniqueness to that item no matter how simple that item is.

Giving a homemade baby gift basket takes a little time and effort to build. Creating your first baby gift basket is a very fulfilling experience especially if it’s your first time. With just a little cost, you can make a baby basket that can express your feelings and thoughts to your recipient. You can even customize it according to the occasion and recipient.

Homemade baby gift baskets can be a perfect newborn baby gift that can be given in almost every occasion like baptism, baby shower, birthdays, or even just to welcome a new baby. Baby gift baskets are just so easy to make because you can just fill it with anything that you can think of like toys, baby clothes, blankets, baby bottles, bibs, etc.

Making the container is the real challenge here. The container is what can make a baby basket attractive. The materials that can be used as containers can be baby bathtub, wooden basket, flower pot, laundry basket, a baby cart or even a decorative box. The containers are then decorated with beautiful flowers, silk ribbons and hand-tied bows.

Thinking of baby bath accessories to give mom on her baby shower? Bathing accessories and supplies are one of the necessities of a newborn baby as soon as he or she comes home from the hospital. Mom needs to have these at home even before baby arrives. Baby bathing accessories are one the most chosen gifts for baby shower. They come in wide selection of different items most needed to keep baby clean.

Bathing items your baby will need are but not limited to baby shampoo or body wash, a baby tub or bath sponge, and towels and washcloths, baby creams, baby lotion, baby oil and baby powder. Some of these items can be bought separately all together in just one gift package.

Most often bathing supplies include some toys when given as a gift. Mom will surely love playing with baby and should make sure that baby enjoys his or her bath. Playing with the baby will make him looks forward to bathing again. This also will make him tired and hungry, so once they finished bathing, they automatically beg for some milk and sleep.

Bathing accessories are just one of the most important necessities both mom and baby would appreciate receiving during the baby shower so make sure that you consider including some baby bathing accessories in your next baby shower gift giving.

Want to prepare some cute and cheap personalized baby shower favors? Here are some ideas to help you get started.

  • Gift Baskets – Buy cheap decorative baskets, put some layers of colorful paper shreds at the bottom. Fill the basket with items like candles, soaps, creams, coffee and tea, potpourri and other items that you think will make a good baby shower favors.

  • Candles- Decorative candles tied with decorative ribbons can be a cute baby shower favor. You can accompany it with cute baby items like toys, pacifiers or small towels.

  • Favor Boxes – Decorative favor boxes come in many varieties. They can be made themed for baby showers and usually available in craft and party supply stores. You can personalize the piece by attaching a cute photo of the child if you held it after the baby was born.
Each of these items can be made personalized by attaching baby shower tags. The tags can show baby shower date and mom or the baby’s name.

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If you are thinking of what you can give for baby during baby shower, a regular gift basket can be something special to give. Personalized gift baskets are very great to express your thoughtfulness and therefore mostly appreciated by parents.

Baby baskets are not only considered as unique but affordable and practical gift too. They can be a lovable gift because they come in different arrangements. They are packed beautifully and perfect whether if it's a gift for a baby boy or a baby girl.

If you have time and want to be creative in your gift giving, you can also assemble your own baby gift baskets to make it more unique and personalized. You’ll have the freedom to choose everything that you want to include. It is mostly useful if you can include things that baby can use for a longer time.

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Polka Dots and Posies

Wanting to know how to make your baby shower flowers a nice addition to your baby shower d├ęcor? Here are some tips:

1. Put floral arrangement at the gift table. The idea of putting a flower arrangement on a gift table is to set it apart and draw the visitor’s attention to the beautiful display of gifts. Even if you have no other flowers set in the room, this can make a complete attraction that your visitors will enjoy. The arrangement can be given to the new mom as gift at the end of the celebration.

Daisy Cheer

2. Put floral arrangements at the banquet table as well as on individual eating tables – If you decide to place flowers in different locations around the room, you can add a nice arrangement of baby shower flowers to the banquet table. Since every guest will come to the banquet table to get their food, it will be a great chance to add something to their attraction. A matching smaller arrangement can also be done in individual eating tables and can be given as prize for baby shower games.

Citrus Squeeze

3. A special corsage should be given to the expectant mom – Giving the guest of honor a corsage would make her feel special. It is just right and appropriate to make her feel special since the party is done to celebrate her and her new baby.

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Baby Shower Gifts:

Baby gift baskets are commonly chosen as an alternative to selecting out a special baby gift. Why not? Baby gift baskets makes a great gift when filled with practical and playful things a newborn baby needs.

Baby shower is an occasion that can give new parents-to-be almost everything that baby needs for the next several months. It is this time that close family members are busy preparing big items that baby will need. Some of these items are cribs, strollers, high chairs, cradles, etc. Therefore, if you are attending a baby shower for a close friend with a limited budget, you don’t have to worry much about giving those expensive things. Usually a baby basket filled with everyday essentials like receiving blankets, baby bibs, disposable diapers, washcloths, nightgowns, towels, washcloths, feeding bottles, etc. will surely be appreciated by the new parents. What is nice about a baby basket is that you can fill it with almost anything that is appropriate for baby.

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Are you attending weddings and baby showers lately? If so, I guess you know that it’s a lot easier to buy wedding gifts than baby shower gifts. When it comes to baby shower gifts, you just want to give something special, don’t you? The task of choosing the best gift is so overwhelming since you are presented with hundreds of colorful baby gifts. You just don’t know what to pick!

The problem is doubled when you have no baby experience at all. But there’s a great option because during baby showers, you can give a gift for mom as well, something that makes her feel special, too. Giving gifts that both mom and baby needs, makes things become easier.

If you want to give mom something that she can use for a long time caring for her newborn, a tote diaper bag is something you can consider.

If choosing for a newborn gift, it is best to choose one that makes caring for a newborn baby easy for mom. There are lots of newborn baby gifts you can choose to include in your list but here are some that you would surely love to give.

Baby Shower Favors

pastel sweet tart pacifier candy
pastel sweet tart pacifier candy
- $ 8.00
Make your baby shower the one to remember with these pastel sweet tart pacifier candies. Fill a bag or tin with this delicious sweet treat for the perfect favor your guests will adore. Sold in 14 oz. bags, each contains approximately 530 pieces.

Candles are great baby shower favors. Women generally love candles because they bring pleasant scent to any room. Others love using candles as decoration because they are usually made of cute shapes and lovely colors. It is also not surprising that candles are one of the most popular baby shower favors. You can also make your own candle if you want to bring out your own creativity and imagination.

baby bottle votive candles (set of 4)
$ 7.20
These baby bottle candles are fabulous and unique baby shower favors. Adorable little "bottles" come complete with bib tags that say "it's a boy" or "it's a girl". And the best part is, the top is removable so you can use the elegant candle underneath anywhere. Each baby bottle candle measures 3.5" tall and are packaged in a clear gift box with gift tag. Candles are white and are unscented.

Most online shops also offer a wide range of candles that can be used as baby shower favors. A Baby Bottle Candle is an example of a fun and adorable baby shower favor you can consider. There is also this mini sweet tart pacifier candies that will surely be loved by your younger guests.

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Nothing can best equal the excitement and emotional feeling of new parents. Throwing them a baby shower is one way to show how you are equally excited as they are on this time of the year. Baby shower invitation cards are bought to invite your friends, colleagues and relatives. They can be bought customized or ready-made from local gift stores with variety of words and designs available.

Paper Direct

The various themes and designs available for baby showers can be used to design baby shower invitations. Most common are famous cartoon characters, floral, picture of babies, diapers, pacifiers, toys, teddy bears and other baby stuff.

What to include in a Baby Shower Invitation. Baby shower invitations should include name of parents, venue, date and time of celebration. A small sketch of the location could also be provided for visitors coming in faraway places. The words or verses should be something that is chosen by baby’s parents as something that would express their feelings and emotions.

Whether you are going for a ready-made invitation cards or a custom made one, the most important thing to consider, is choose one that basically signifies the joy, and importance of a baby for everyone.

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If you want to save yourself with all the unexpected hassles of throwing a party, you should do your best to prepare for the event. It would be a real embarrassment to get caught by your guests unprepared. Buy a notebook where you can write down all important notes for the party and make yourself an organized party planner.

Even how basic or how simple your party is, document your baby shower ideas to help you get organized . Each of the important aspects of your party should have a separate page on your notes: from buying the cake , the baby shower decorations, the baby shower favors and the food you need to prepare.

With a little planning and thought, you can organize your baby shower ideas to compliment your baby shower themes. Having an organized baby shower party will help us make everyone enjoy and appreciate every preparations we did for the event.

After all, that really is everyone’s goal throwing a party, isn’t it ?

Suggested Baby Shower Gifts:

There is no need to look for a rental space. You can host your baby shower in your own home if it has enough room for your expected guests. If the shower will be held during summer, then, you can use your backyard but remember to have alternate plans in cases when there is rain or extremely windy weather.

If you think that your home is too small and you don’t have a yard, you can rent a community clubhouse or a place you can get for free or for small rental rate. One option is to ask your community church if they may allow you to use their community area for free. If there is a close community park around, some of them have pavilions you can rent cheaply and would make a great spot for gatherings.

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Baby Shower Guestbook

Sample Baby Book (cover)

A baby shower guest book is a great way to remind the parents of the baby who attended their baby shower long after they have lost in touch. If you are hosting a baby shower, include in your list of necessities a baby shower guest book that every guest can sign as soon as they arrive.

A guestbook can just be a simple, hardcover notebook where people can write their names and their wishes for both mom and baby. It can also be decorated with ribbons and stickers to make it more attractive. A baby shower guest book is a simple, but can be the best keepsake a family could ever have to always remember one very special event of their life.

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baby shower invitations
Wanting to announce a baby shower in a different way? Candy wrappers could be a unique way to announce a baby shower. The people you would like to invite will receive a candy bar or any other sweet treat. The wrapper used to wrap this tasty treat will have the information for the baby shower.

Other unique way to do it, though, much more expensive is inserting the invitation inside a bottle. The bottle is usually filled with colored papers to make it more attractive.

A baby shower magnet, on the other hand, is a great way to invite your baby shower guests and could even be more useful for the guests. When they receive the magnet, they can always be reminded of the date because they can stick it on their refrigerator. There are actually a lot of ways to send your message. All it takes is a little creativity and resourcefulness. But the most preferred way, being used until now is by sending invitation cards because they are most convenient to use and are mostly available everywhere.

Baby Shower Gifts:

Unique and Personalized Baby Gifts: Fairy Personalized Clock

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Baby shower favors are most often the rewards given to guests who earn the most points in a particular baby shower game. Sometimes the favors given to the people winning in a baby shower games is different with the ones given to all guests who attended the baby shower party.

Baby shower favors are cute little things that add a lot of compliments to a baby shower celebration. It is almost a must that while planning the baby shower, you should always put in mind the baby shower favors. There are those that you can make and there are also those which you can find in various shops.

Choosing baby shower favors is quite easy. You just choose something that best suits your budget. It is also a great idea to personalize them according to the type of guests attending the celebration. In order not to get out of the flow, the baby shower favors should compliment your baby shower theme. You should also take into consideration the age and gender of your guests. What’s best for women isn't’t great for men. Some adorable to old guests may not be to children.

There are actually lots of ideas how you can personalize your baby shower favors. Just be creative and ask some suggestions from close friends, and you'll never go wrong.

Have a great baby shower celebration.

Baby Shower Gift

"Five Little Monkeys" Five-Piece Gift Set in Keepsake Basket

Baby Shower Gift Pick: Cute as a Bug Baby Basket

A baby is always a reason to have a celebration. Thus, there is the baby shower.

Baby showers have continued to be very famous in the past decade. The reason may be attributed to families getting smaller; hence each child gets more attention.

What is a baby shower?

A baby shower is a party or celebration to honor the couple expecting their firstborn. Baby showers are held with the intention of offering gifts for the first-time mother so she'll have the things needed by the baby when it arrives.

Baby shower is the most common way to welcome a new member to the family.

Who can have a baby shower?

Before, a baby shower is held to celebrate the coming of firstborn. However, today, a shower is held for every baby. Why not? The joy that every newborn gives to a family is incomparable and this deserves a celebration.

Who hosts the baby shower?

Traditionally, the one who organizes a baby shower is someone who is close to the parents. It can be a close friend or a family member coming from either side. Now even your family, friends, or co-workers can throw a baby shower for you.

When is the best time to have the baby shower?

Baby shower is often held in the later stages of pregnancy. It can be at around four to six weeks before the due date. Sometimes couples or the one who throws the baby shower wait purposefully for the baby to arrive. Many times parents wait until after the baby has arrived in the home or until the adoption is final.

Who are to be invited to the baby shower?

Sometimes it depends on the one throwing the shower. If it is one of the family members, the shower is usually attended by close family members. If it is thrown by close friends, it may be a mixed of those who are close to mom and some members of the family. If a co-worker throws the shower, usually it is attended by mom's co-workers. There is also a time when a big shower is thrown and the guests are made of people from families, friends and co-workers.

And it is important that you have a guest list beforehand so to avoid leaving out someone uninvited unintentionally.
What are themes appropriate for a baby shower?

Here are some famous themes you can use for the shower.

1. Mother Shower. Shower the mommy with gifts to pamper her. Instead of giving something to the baby, the guests are more likely to give something for mom.

2. Dad's Shower. Unlike the first one, this one is a theme where guests give gifts to dad.

3. Baby Safety Shower. As the name implies, the gift to be presented should make baby safe.

4. Nursery Theme Showers. The concept of the celebration is based on the nursery's theme.

What to serve the guests at the baby shower?

If you decide to adopt a theme, as much as possible, the food should match the theme that will be used.

The food that should be served also depends on the time of the day when the shower is held. If it is at noon or dinnertime, the guests will expect that a full meal will be served. If you don't have the time to prepare a full meal, finger foods for shower in the early afternoon or evening is perfect.

Don't forget that the food that must be served should be something that the mother-to-be can be easily ingested. A separate food for mom can also be prepared if you like.

Proper planning and early preparation is the key to successful baby shower. The most simple tip is just have fun and be creative.

Have a great baby shower!

To some people, putting together some great baby shower ideas is a breeze. Thinking of something that can be interesting is just so easy for them.

However, there are also some who find difficulty generating unique and interesting baby shower ideas. Most of them, seek the help of their friends and relatives for advices, and most of the time turn on printed media and internet for any ideas.

Truly that the dawn of information technology helps a lot in coming up with significant baby shower ideas. There are lots of web sites that provide information for those who are planning to organize a baby shower. There are actually hundreds of ideas you could use and modify to fit your own taste and needs.

Whatever idea you have in mind, remember that it should reflect the true meaning of the celebration – that is to celebrate the joy and happiness of everyone for the coming of the new baby.

Baby Shower Gift Pick:

Baby Gift Bag for the Adorable New Baby

Photos are great way to entertain people. We all enjoy looking at pictures of people. We enjoy looking at what they are doing, where they are and who they are with. Looking at pictures is fun, enjoyable and very interesting. One very simple but fun thing to do during baby shower is to display some pictures of the mom, dad, family and friends. Pictures help everyone get to know the expectant mother more and a great way to meet the dad-to-be, too. They also serve as fun thing to help the visitors occupied and get each of them talking and laughing.

A few photos from the mom-to-be and her husband, photos taken during her pregnancy and also some photos of her friends and family are those that can be used. They can be inserted into a photo album or use some scrapbook papers and decorate the pages with stickers, ribbons, quotes and poems. They can also be laid flat on the gift table or stick on a board and hang on the wall where everyone can see.

So if you are looking for an inexpensive way to make your baby shower celebration fun and enjoyable, be sure to use photos to add fun and personal touch to your baby shower.

Baby Shower Gift Pick:

Kushies ChaCha Buggy Rattle

Baby Shower Cupcakes

If you decide to adopt a theme, as much as possible, the food should match the theme that will be used.

The food that should be served also depends on the time of the day when the shower is held. If it is at noon or dinnertime, the guests will expect that a full meal will be served. If you don't have the time to prepare a full meal, finger foods for shower in the early afternoon or evening is perfect.

Don't forget that the food that must be served should be something that the mother-to-be can be easily ingested. A separate food for mom can also be prepared if you like.

Proper planning and early preparation is the key to successful baby shower. The most simple tip is just have fun and be creative.

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Sesame Beginnings - 2-in-1 Activity Center

If you are chosen as a host in a baby shower, you can ask the guest to e-mail you a special advice, a special poem, photos, thoughts and wishes for the new parents. You can take all these and organize them into a cute folder or have them bounded as a book. This is something that parents can keep as a keepsake for many years.

Each page can include anything they wanted to share to the mother or both parents. The page should be creative. They can use a colored paper or a plain white paper of same sizes which the hostess can choose. They can be mailed or e-mailed in advance to the hostess. It would also be a great way for those invited guests who couldn’t come to share their wishes to the mom-to-be. Although, it will take a lot of work for the hostess to compile everything, it will be one of the most special and meaningful baby shower gifts that both parents can have on that day. The gift will hold special memories and thoughts of their parenthood .

Mom and dad will also remember their closest friends and relatives who graced with the occasion. When the baby grows up, he or she would surely love reading it as well.

Gift Pick:

Designer Infant Girls Clothes Perfect for Spring and Summer

You have given a task to host a baby shower for a friend, and it is your first time. You are a little nervous and don't know where to start. With a little research and creativity, you will surely have a very successful event ahead of you.

Here are a few tips you can start with.

Invitations. Make a guest list of those who should be invited. Invitations should be sent out three to four weeks in advance if the guests live nearby. For those guests living in long distance, invitations should be sent four to six weeks. You should include a clear instruction how to get to the venue.

Greet the Baby Shower Guests as they arrive. Prepare name tags for the guests and introduce the guests to one another before the baby shower party starts. Greet them as they arrive to make them feel that they are important.

Don't forget the baby shower games. Prepare the baby shower games so the guests will enjoy their time together interacting with one another. If you have a large space, it is advisable that you provide tables for them to eat their meal on the table.

Place the baby shower gifts in one place. Put the gifts in one place where the mom-to-be can have a seat and open them later at the party. List the names of the guests where the gifts came from so mom can prepare the thank you card.

Baby Shower Favors. You should have enough baby shower favors for your guests, or you can also have a little extra just to be safe. Keep the events moving at a great pace. If possible, write in a piece of paper the list of events that are planned for that day and hand it to every guest.

Thank everyone who comes. Thank everyone who come to the event and walk them to the door. Make them feel that their presence are greatly appreciated.

Being the host, it is your responsibility to make the baby shower party a success. Have it well-planned and everyone will appreciate it.

Gift Pick:

Being chosen to host a baby shower for a friend or relative can be very rewarding. A little bit of planning is what it takes to make everything fun. When you have already decided on the baby shower theme, you can send out the baby shower invitations that are designed according to the theme you have chosen. Next thing is thinking about some baby shower games for your guests to enjoy along with the baby shower food. Of course, the first on your list should be the cake. Diaper cakes are a lot more preferred for the occasion.

As the event gets closer, think of your baby shower decorations which should also reflect the baby shower theme. Baby shower favors should also be decided and prepared in advance. If you or some of your guests are thinking of some gift ideas, there are a lot that you can choose. Having a list of baby shower stuff or supplies would be a big help to make the occasion a big success.

Good luck and may you have fun with your party planning!

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A poem or verse is a literary piece used to express one’s idea using literary techniques like rhyme and metaphor. Baby shower verses are usually short and composed of single line sayings for baby shower invitations or cakes. Most baby shower hostesses choose to have a simple and sweet baby shower invitation wording instead of long baby shower poems.

There are lots of baby shower verses you can make use of for your baby shower party. However, if you want to make it original and more creative, you can find more tips for creating original baby shower poems or verses here.


Here are also a list of some cute and short baby shower verses and wordings you can use.


Gift Pick:

Personalized Silver Baby Spoon for a Classy Baby Shower Gift


Planning to create a baby registry? Why not? Here are some tips to help you make it a success.

  • Tell Everyone About It. Specify on the invitations where you have registered whether it’s on-line or off-line.

  • List gifts to fit people with both small to large range of budget. Let’s face it. Not all our guests have large budget so it is essential that we include in our list small but essential gifts that you would like to receive.

  • Always remember that gift registry is optional. Make your gift registry a guide for your guests to give them some ideas about the gifts that you consider essential for the baby. You should still give them the right to give anything they choose.

  • Where to register. Registering in an on-line store will benefit you and your guests especially if the store offers a wide range of products to choose from. Your guests will just have to choose something that will fit in to their budget without worrying where to find it.

  • Don’t forget the Thank You card. A written thank you card should be given not only those who handed you a gift but to all who joined in and celebrated with you. It is the most important way of showing your appreciation for their time and presence during the occasion.

Follow those tips and you can’t go wrong. Also remember that baby shower is about celebration of a new life and not about gifts. For more baby shower tips and ideas including where to create a registry, visit http://www.best-shoppe.com/holding-a-baby-shower-soon-dont-forget-the-baby-shower-registry/

Gift Pick:


The best time to hold a baby shower is toward the seventh month of pregnancy. It would be a very exciting celebration to see the mom-to-be with a big belly. This is also the best time to do more preparations not only for the upcoming event but also for the arrival of the new baby. Make sure that you choose a convenient time for your guests. Grandparents of both sides of the family should also be there so choose a date that will be convenient to them. Invitations should be sent to the guest of honor as early as possible once you have decided who that will be. Although baby showers are treated as women only parties, male friends and relatives of the mother are also a part of the celebration.

Gift Pick:

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To make any baby’s gift distinct and special, it is best to have it personalized. Personalized baby gifts always have a special touch to any recipient and become a cherished token all throughout the years. Some of us may face a problem when deciding on what to give, that is, being unsure of the baby’s name and age but there is always an option that you can consider. During this time, it is best to consider giving a gift certificate. This way, the parents can choose as to what gifts they need for the baby.

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