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Are you attending weddings and baby showers lately? If so, I guess you know that it’s a lot easier to buy wedding gifts than baby shower gifts. When it comes to baby shower gifts, you just want to give something special, don’t you? The task of choosing the best gift is so overwhelming since you are presented with hundreds of colorful baby gifts. You just don’t know what to pick!

The problem is doubled when you have no baby experience at all. But there’s a great option because during baby showers, you can give a gift for mom as well, something that makes her feel special, too. Giving gifts that both mom and baby needs, makes things become easier.

If you want to give mom something that she can use for a long time caring for her newborn, a tote diaper bag is something you can consider.

If choosing for a newborn gift, it is best to choose one that makes caring for a newborn baby easy for mom. There are lots of newborn baby gifts you can choose to include in your list but here are some that you would surely love to give.

Baby Shower Favors

pastel sweet tart pacifier candy
pastel sweet tart pacifier candy
- $ 8.00
Make your baby shower the one to remember with these pastel sweet tart pacifier candies. Fill a bag or tin with this delicious sweet treat for the perfect favor your guests will adore. Sold in 14 oz. bags, each contains approximately 530 pieces.

Candles are great baby shower favors. Women generally love candles because they bring pleasant scent to any room. Others love using candles as decoration because they are usually made of cute shapes and lovely colors. It is also not surprising that candles are one of the most popular baby shower favors. You can also make your own candle if you want to bring out your own creativity and imagination.

baby bottle votive candles (set of 4)
$ 7.20
These baby bottle candles are fabulous and unique baby shower favors. Adorable little "bottles" come complete with bib tags that say "it's a boy" or "it's a girl". And the best part is, the top is removable so you can use the elegant candle underneath anywhere. Each baby bottle candle measures 3.5" tall and are packaged in a clear gift box with gift tag. Candles are white and are unscented.

Most online shops also offer a wide range of candles that can be used as baby shower favors. A Baby Bottle Candle is an example of a fun and adorable baby shower favor you can consider. There is also this mini sweet tart pacifier candies that will surely be loved by your younger guests.

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Nothing can best equal the excitement and emotional feeling of new parents. Throwing them a baby shower is one way to show how you are equally excited as they are on this time of the year. Baby shower invitation cards are bought to invite your friends, colleagues and relatives. They can be bought customized or ready-made from local gift stores with variety of words and designs available.

Paper Direct

The various themes and designs available for baby showers can be used to design baby shower invitations. Most common are famous cartoon characters, floral, picture of babies, diapers, pacifiers, toys, teddy bears and other baby stuff.

What to include in a Baby Shower Invitation. Baby shower invitations should include name of parents, venue, date and time of celebration. A small sketch of the location could also be provided for visitors coming in faraway places. The words or verses should be something that is chosen by baby’s parents as something that would express their feelings and emotions.

Whether you are going for a ready-made invitation cards or a custom made one, the most important thing to consider, is choose one that basically signifies the joy, and importance of a baby for everyone.

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If you want to save yourself with all the unexpected hassles of throwing a party, you should do your best to prepare for the event. It would be a real embarrassment to get caught by your guests unprepared. Buy a notebook where you can write down all important notes for the party and make yourself an organized party planner.

Even how basic or how simple your party is, document your baby shower ideas to help you get organized . Each of the important aspects of your party should have a separate page on your notes: from buying the cake , the baby shower decorations, the baby shower favors and the food you need to prepare.

With a little planning and thought, you can organize your baby shower ideas to compliment your baby shower themes. Having an organized baby shower party will help us make everyone enjoy and appreciate every preparations we did for the event.

After all, that really is everyone’s goal throwing a party, isn’t it ?

Suggested Baby Shower Gifts:

There is no need to look for a rental space. You can host your baby shower in your own home if it has enough room for your expected guests. If the shower will be held during summer, then, you can use your backyard but remember to have alternate plans in cases when there is rain or extremely windy weather.

If you think that your home is too small and you don’t have a yard, you can rent a community clubhouse or a place you can get for free or for small rental rate. One option is to ask your community church if they may allow you to use their community area for free. If there is a close community park around, some of them have pavilions you can rent cheaply and would make a great spot for gatherings.

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