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Baby Shower Favors

pastel sweet tart pacifier candy
pastel sweet tart pacifier candy
- $ 8.00
Make your baby shower the one to remember with these pastel sweet tart pacifier candies. Fill a bag or tin with this delicious sweet treat for the perfect favor your guests will adore. Sold in 14 oz. bags, each contains approximately 530 pieces.

Candles are great baby shower favors. Women generally love candles because they bring pleasant scent to any room. Others love using candles as decoration because they are usually made of cute shapes and lovely colors. It is also not surprising that candles are one of the most popular baby shower favors. You can also make your own candle if you want to bring out your own creativity and imagination.

baby bottle votive candles (set of 4)
$ 7.20
These baby bottle candles are fabulous and unique baby shower favors. Adorable little "bottles" come complete with bib tags that say "it's a boy" or "it's a girl". And the best part is, the top is removable so you can use the elegant candle underneath anywhere. Each baby bottle candle measures 3.5" tall and are packaged in a clear gift box with gift tag. Candles are white and are unscented.

Most online shops also offer a wide range of candles that can be used as baby shower favors. A Baby Bottle Candle is an example of a fun and adorable baby shower favor you can consider. There is also this mini sweet tart pacifier candies that will surely be loved by your younger guests.

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