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baby shower invitations
Wanting to announce a baby shower in a different way? Candy wrappers could be a unique way to announce a baby shower. The people you would like to invite will receive a candy bar or any other sweet treat. The wrapper used to wrap this tasty treat will have the information for the baby shower.

Other unique way to do it, though, much more expensive is inserting the invitation inside a bottle. The bottle is usually filled with colored papers to make it more attractive.

A baby shower magnet, on the other hand, is a great way to invite your baby shower guests and could even be more useful for the guests. When they receive the magnet, they can always be reminded of the date because they can stick it on their refrigerator. There are actually a lot of ways to send your message. All it takes is a little creativity and resourcefulness. But the most preferred way, being used until now is by sending invitation cards because they are most convenient to use and are mostly available everywhere.

Baby Shower Gifts:

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