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A baby is always a reason to have a celebration. Thus, there is the baby shower.

Baby showers have continued to be very famous in the past decade. The reason may be attributed to families getting smaller; hence each child gets more attention.

What is a baby shower?

A baby shower is a party or celebration to honor the couple expecting their firstborn. Baby showers are held with the intention of offering gifts for the first-time mother so she'll have the things needed by the baby when it arrives.

Baby shower is the most common way to welcome a new member to the family.

Who can have a baby shower?

Before, a baby shower is held to celebrate the coming of firstborn. However, today, a shower is held for every baby. Why not? The joy that every newborn gives to a family is incomparable and this deserves a celebration.

Who hosts the baby shower?

Traditionally, the one who organizes a baby shower is someone who is close to the parents. It can be a close friend or a family member coming from either side. Now even your family, friends, or co-workers can throw a baby shower for you.

When is the best time to have the baby shower?

Baby shower is often held in the later stages of pregnancy. It can be at around four to six weeks before the due date. Sometimes couples or the one who throws the baby shower wait purposefully for the baby to arrive. Many times parents wait until after the baby has arrived in the home or until the adoption is final.

Who are to be invited to the baby shower?

Sometimes it depends on the one throwing the shower. If it is one of the family members, the shower is usually attended by close family members. If it is thrown by close friends, it may be a mixed of those who are close to mom and some members of the family. If a co-worker throws the shower, usually it is attended by mom's co-workers. There is also a time when a big shower is thrown and the guests are made of people from families, friends and co-workers.

And it is important that you have a guest list beforehand so to avoid leaving out someone uninvited unintentionally.
What are themes appropriate for a baby shower?

Here are some famous themes you can use for the shower.

1. Mother Shower. Shower the mommy with gifts to pamper her. Instead of giving something to the baby, the guests are more likely to give something for mom.

2. Dad's Shower. Unlike the first one, this one is a theme where guests give gifts to dad.

3. Baby Safety Shower. As the name implies, the gift to be presented should make baby safe.

4. Nursery Theme Showers. The concept of the celebration is based on the nursery's theme.

What to serve the guests at the baby shower?

If you decide to adopt a theme, as much as possible, the food should match the theme that will be used.

The food that should be served also depends on the time of the day when the shower is held. If it is at noon or dinnertime, the guests will expect that a full meal will be served. If you don't have the time to prepare a full meal, finger foods for shower in the early afternoon or evening is perfect.

Don't forget that the food that must be served should be something that the mother-to-be can be easily ingested. A separate food for mom can also be prepared if you like.

Proper planning and early preparation is the key to successful baby shower. The most simple tip is just have fun and be creative.

Have a great baby shower!