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Thinking of baby bath accessories to give mom on her baby shower? Bathing accessories and supplies are one of the necessities of a newborn baby as soon as he or she comes home from the hospital. Mom needs to have these at home even before baby arrives. Baby bathing accessories are one the most chosen gifts for baby shower. They come in wide selection of different items most needed to keep baby clean.

Bathing items your baby will need are but not limited to baby shampoo or body wash, a baby tub or bath sponge, and towels and washcloths, baby creams, baby lotion, baby oil and baby powder. Some of these items can be bought separately all together in just one gift package.

Most often bathing supplies include some toys when given as a gift. Mom will surely love playing with baby and should make sure that baby enjoys his or her bath. Playing with the baby will make him looks forward to bathing again. This also will make him tired and hungry, so once they finished bathing, they automatically beg for some milk and sleep.

Bathing accessories are just one of the most important necessities both mom and baby would appreciate receiving during the baby shower so make sure that you consider including some baby bathing accessories in your next baby shower gift giving.