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Polka Dots and Posies

Wanting to know how to make your baby shower flowers a nice addition to your baby shower décor? Here are some tips:

1. Put floral arrangement at the gift table. The idea of putting a flower arrangement on a gift table is to set it apart and draw the visitor’s attention to the beautiful display of gifts. Even if you have no other flowers set in the room, this can make a complete attraction that your visitors will enjoy. The arrangement can be given to the new mom as gift at the end of the celebration.

Daisy Cheer

2. Put floral arrangements at the banquet table as well as on individual eating tables – If you decide to place flowers in different locations around the room, you can add a nice arrangement of baby shower flowers to the banquet table. Since every guest will come to the banquet table to get their food, it will be a great chance to add something to their attraction. A matching smaller arrangement can also be done in individual eating tables and can be given as prize for baby shower games.

Citrus Squeeze

3. A special corsage should be given to the expectant mom – Giving the guest of honor a corsage would make her feel special. It is just right and appropriate to make her feel special since the party is done to celebrate her and her new baby.

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